Arizona Trip

Just got back from a trip to Flagstaff, AZ last night. The drive up was very nice, except for the usual backup around the Hoover dam, and the trip itself was very relaxing. While I was up there, I visited a set of stone ruins, and took some interesting pictures of those, and some landscape shots of the area surrounding Flagstaff. I hope to have those pictures up in a week or so, but it might take a few days longer.

I stayed at Woody Mountain campground while I was up there. I found the staff nice, and the campground was fairly quiet, except for the occasional car alarm. (Fortunately – none in the latter part of the evening…) I slept rather well, and enjoyed that part of the trip. The only thing I missed was having a campfire – as there is a strict no-campfire policy. (undestandable given the dry climate)

Overall, I needed the quiet, and it was a very good trip.

(Now to get the car unloaded….)

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