Gianna’s New Job

Gianna started her new job yesterday, and she’s doing very well. She just started doing seated massage work at the Rio is Las Vegas for the duration of the World Series of Poker. The base pay is a little weak, but so far the job has been very lucrative. It certainly makes things easier in the finances department.

We’re starting to plan a possible move to Arizona (probably to the Tuscon area). The opportunities are there for both G and myself, and it’s a nicer area than Las Vegas. The only major downside is that we won’t be near enough to Vegas to go to all the Vegas Vortex events. The upside is that we’ll both be working, and the cost of living is significantly lower out there (about 12% lower overall…)

I’ve been working on my website, and converting some older documents to more accessible file formats. I’m also working on the Healing Hands stuff, since Annie really needed a hand with it. Things are continuing to improve, and I have the greatest hope that they will continue to do so.

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