Program Update

The program I’m writing is beginning to come together. I have now gotten the web applications framework cleanly talking to the database back-end and the rss parser. At this point, I have a functional, but not yet feature complete, RSS feed reader.

My plan at this point is to write a few methods to integrate that functionality more completely into the web application framework – thus making it feature complete. Then, I intend to add methods to create a “wiki” style notebook functionality. Last, I intend to create import and export tools so that a bunch of related pages within the notebook can be linked together and exported as an RSS file with a set of enclosures – and such a file with enclosures can be imported into a wiki notebook.

The plan is for this to become a framework for remixing information the way people remix music. I eventually intend to integrate fckeditor to simplify editing the individual “wiki” style pages – that will make life easier for people with a less technical background. (It will also mean hacking FCKEditor to support intra-page links, but that should be doable.)

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