Trip to Arizona

We just got back from Phoenix a few days ago. Gianna got the job, and now I have to finish getting everything pulled together, packed and out of here. Moving is definately a large bore annoyance, but at least we were able to store the stuff from the first trip in its final location. Gods alone know that moving it twice was going to make me cranky.

We’re also making plans to do a retreat at Sekhmet Temple the last night of our stay in Las Vegas. That should be good, but will mean that we have to crash somewhere after the ceremony, and before we get started – as it finishes at dawn, and we’re not going to drive for 7 hours after being up all night. We’ll work something out.

Right now, we’re going through the BS about getting utilities turned off here and turned on there. Dealing with all those utility companies is making Gianna’s hair white, but it’s coming along.

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