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A long blinking night

I put in another long blinking night doing systems administration. Lessons learned… Mysql 4.0.x doesn’t like quotes around the database names in the ‘use’ command Mysql 4.0.x doesn’t like ‘default charset=latin1’ Mysql 4.1.x mysqldump outputs both of those – thus … Continue reading

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Embedded Video Plugin

The embedded vieo plugin wp-ExtremeVideo is awesome. I picked it up at Ross Gerbasi’s blog, and it works well. I finally put an FLV file of my Red-Rock canyon video up, so that people may actually see it. (ogg and … Continue reading

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Set up new blog software

I made a bunch of updates to the web server today – mainly to get ready for a large system upgrade. The largest involved cleaning up a number of DNS entries, removing unused functionality and upgrading key components – including … Continue reading

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