A long blinking night

I put in another long blinking night doing systems administration. Lessons learned…

  • Mysql 4.0.x doesn’t like quotes around the database names in the ‘use’ command
  • Mysql 4.0.x doesn’t like ‘default charset=latin1’
  • Mysql 4.1.x mysqldump outputs both of those – thus requiring use of emacs to make things work when you’re migrating/moving databases between the two.
  • SCP rocks 😉
  • it’s possible to upgrade the OS of a linode from ubuntu 4.10 to 5.04 (warty warthog to breezy badger) by editing the sources.list file and using apt-get. It works well, but you’ll get awefully tired of staring at the screen with white knuckles before it’s all over.
  • Rsync also rocks 🙂
  • Most people wouldn’t believe how much stuff you can really run on a single linode.
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