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Quick and Dirty Textpattern install

I installed a new site on one of my boxes using textpattern on Ubuntu 5.10. Because I routinely forget things, I figured I’d pastebomb my notes here so that I could find them again. Isn’t Google great…. Notes Follow

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Web based chat server

After a great deal of looking, I think I finally found a nearly perfect combination of software for web-based chat. In some ways it’s a bit of a throwback, but mostly, it’s really clean and user friendly. On the back … Continue reading

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Post Drought

I recently went throught a drought of blog posting. This happened primarily because my trailer was stolen, and I didn’t feel like doing much beyond the necessary. While it was recovered a few days later, cleaning up all the mess … Continue reading

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Vonage and Firewalls

About 3 years ago, I set up a router at my parent’s place. It was basically an old 80486 box with a pair ef ethernets in it, and it ran OpenBSD. Today, they got Vonage and I ended up SSH’ing … Continue reading

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Replacing the mail system

I’m finally getting ready to replace the mail system on the server set I’ve been managing. This time, I’m going with citadel instead of one of the PHP or .net based solutions. This is mainly because it’s a whole lot … Continue reading

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Python Work

I’m doing a bit of python work with the Django application framework, and thought a picture might be in order… Have a good day 🙂

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