Stupid ideas for content filters

It never fails. Every few years some interested group of concerned citizens decides that the real anarchic and living chaos of the Internet needs to be tamed to protect the children. They always start with one of two approaches:

  1. Separate the Internet into two categories — kid safe and not — and label them so that “parents can choose”
  2. Ban all the material on the Internet that’s not child-safe.

They come up so regularly and so offensively that I’ve become extremely sick of hearing them. First the CDA (type II), then CDA II (type II) and COPA (again II) as well as the .sex and .xxx proposals (Type I). My response to these has become so routine that it’s time to take steps to simplify the process of answering and save myself some time. Since I’ve been a systems administrator for quite some time, I decided that some automation was in order. Since I also believe in the Open Source approach, I decided to make my solution public under the CC:PD license (public domain). Here’s my universal response form:



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