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New pictures of the fourfoots

These are the new pictures of the fourfoots.

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Disassembling the Nook Simple Touch

I couldn’t find any instructions on how to disassemble the Nook Simple Touch. Since I had to disassemble mine to solve a problem, here are the instructions: Remove the MicroSD card (if installed) Carefully pop off the power button on … Continue reading

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While working with another package, I stumbled across a relatively new program for Linux called DVDisaster. What it does, effectively, is add ECC information to DVD images so that if you have media errors at some later date, you can … Continue reading

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Toaster or Lathe?

I keep hearing people complain about the usability of Linux as it compares to the usability of Windows or MacOS. The common complaint is that computers should be easy – even windows users complain that computers should “just work”. In … Continue reading

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Time off from politics

I just finished taking a long time off from politics. It wasn’t a complete break, but it was fairly close. I did work for the Obama campaign a little bit, but that was really the exception that proved the rule… … Continue reading

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It’s July Fourth. After another year of watching our elected leaders in Washington continue the process of turning a proud and powerful people into a petty and scared one, I have decided to make another attempt to wake some people … Continue reading

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