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Written depictions of human stupidity suitable for use in illustrating the archtype


It’s July Fourth. After another year of watching our elected leaders in Washington continue the process of turning a proud and powerful people into a petty and scared one, I have decided to make another attempt to wake some people … Continue reading

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Censorship Bad

This is an outgrowth of a post I was making on Violet Blue’s blog which was too technical and not enough sexual (It’s a sex blog). The topic was firewall piercing. For an overview of the topic, you might like … Continue reading

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It’s been a long day’s blinking night

I spent the evening rebuilding a web server that will be running Apache 2.0.x. While doing so, I found an interesting situation with respect to the standard Apache configuration on Ubuntu 5.04. The standard configuration uses a namevirtualhost directive to … Continue reading

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A long blinking night

I put in another long blinking night doing systems administration. Lessons learned… Mysql 4.0.x doesn’t like quotes around the database names in the ‘use’ command Mysql 4.0.x doesn’t like ‘default charset=latin1′ Mysql 4.1.x mysqldump outputs both of those – thus … Continue reading

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Slum landlord business model dying

Changes in technology change other areas. Human beings have a bizarre tendency with respect to those changes – they tend to overestimate change in the short term and underestimate change in the long term. Take landlords as a classic example. … Continue reading

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