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Life on the Job


It’s July Fourth. After another year of watching our elected leaders in Washington continue the process of turning a proud and powerful people into a petty and scared one, I have decided to make another attempt to wake some people … Continue reading

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Miro broken on Ubuntu Hardy Heron

If you’re using Miro on Ubuntu Hardy Heron, and you’re using the PCF repositories, you may find that Miro crashed unexpectedly or misbehaves and has trouble with Compiz-fusion. This can be very easily fixed by going into preferences and changing … Continue reading

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Censorship Bad

This is an outgrowth of a post I was making on Violet Blue’s blog which was too technical and not enough sexual (It’s a sex blog). The topic was firewall piercing. For an overview of the topic, you might like … Continue reading

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The Physics of Bits

I have been both reading and writing about computers for a long time. One thing that I’ve found lacking in a basic explanation of key “obvious” concepts which are vital to understanding many legal and moral problems in current society … Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty Textpattern install

I installed a new site on one of my boxes using textpattern on Ubuntu 5.10. Because I routinely forget things, I figured I’d pastebomb my notes here so that I could find them again. Isn’t Google great…. Notes Follow

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Post Drought

I recently went throught a drought of blog posting. This happened primarily because my trailer was stolen, and I didn’t feel like doing much beyond the necessary. While it was recovered a few days later, cleaning up all the mess … Continue reading

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