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Life on the Job

It’s been a long day’s blinking night

I spent the evening rebuilding a web server that will be running Apache 2.0.x. While doing so, I found an interesting situation with respect to the standard Apache configuration on Ubuntu 5.04. The standard configuration uses a namevirtualhost directive to … Continue reading

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A long blinking night

I put in another long blinking night doing systems administration. Lessons learned… Mysql 4.0.x doesn’t like quotes around the database names in the ‘use’ command Mysql 4.0.x doesn’t like ‘default charset=latin1’ Mysql 4.1.x mysqldump outputs both of those – thus … Continue reading

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Program Update

The program I’m writing is beginning to come together. I have now gotten the web applications framework cleanly talking to the database back-end and the rss parser. At this point, I have a functional, but not yet feature complete, RSS … Continue reading

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Desk Upgrade

A student at my complex tossed out a portable computer desk today. Since it was a bit larger and sturdier than the piece of particle-board junk I had been using, I decided to do a quick desk upgrade. The top … Continue reading

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Put up a blog

I finally got around to putting up a blog on my new linode. This is a nice setup, as I have complete administrative control over the box, and don’t have to mess around with remote editing anymore! YAY!

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