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PSOC devices are programmable  “mixed-signal” devices – which means that they have both programmable analog and programmable digital functions. One of the things which make them unusually interesting is that they can be “rewired” internally by using PSOC Creator’s graphical tools – giving engineers a great deal of flexibility. One of their major drawbacks is that PSOC designs typically require the designer/engineer to wire their internal architecture before thay can begin writing code – making it more difficult to begin working on the platform.

Introductory Application Notes:

PSOC System Reference Guide

This is the document which covers the underlying API for the device. If you need to do anything useful with sleep modes, watchdog timers or low voltage detection, this is a must. Other users will find this a helpful reference anytime they are going off the beaten path. The PDF version of the document can be found at

Library Documentation:

PSoC Creator uses the Newlib C library as its c-lib. Good news: It’s fairly complete and reasonably efficient. Bad news: Cypress didn’t see fit to provide links  to the Newlib documentation in the PSoC Creator documentation.


Useful Application Notes:

PSOC Creator:

PSOC Creator is the Integrated Development Environment created by Cypress for developing hardware/software solutions around the Cypress Programmable System On a Chip (PSOC) series devices.

PSOC Creator – Component Creation: