Galileo Resources

Sparkfun tutorial on Galileo:

This tutorial covers basic setup and configuration of the Intel Galileo board – with examples and general tips/tricks.

Download/Setup resources from Intel:

This is the download link for the required version of the Arduino programming environment. It also has a decent tutorial for updating the firmware and other basic maintenance tasks.


This program is needed to decompress the .7z files containing the windows version of the Arduino IDE provided by Intel.

Yocto Linux:

The Linux distribution for the Intel Galileo is based on Yocto linux. This is a link to the documentation for the Yocto Linux project.

Links to documentation from Galileo documentation (Quark):

  • Quick Overview
  • Has links to documentation – Useful, but you have to dig.

Intel Communities page for Galileo Gen 2:

  • Has lots of pdf files containing information on Gen 2 Galileo
  • Main Documentation Resource
  • Best source for heavy technical documentation

Arduino page for Galileo:

  • Documentation for using Galileo with the Arduino IDE
  • NO resources for Linux programming
  • BE CAREFUL – References Gen1 hardware. Use with care when using Gen2 devices

Using Intel Galileo with the Arduino and
Raspberry Pi shields:

  • Lots of good info on sensor and actuator interfacing when using Arduino shields
  • Remember folks – All the world is NOT an Arduino.

General Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Make sure you power the Galileo from the wall before attaching USB — you can damage the device by not doing so.
  • Make sure there are no spaces in the path to your Arduino environment (you will get a compiler error if there are spaces)
  • Make sure you use the Intel version of Arduino (other versions will not see the board)
  • Make sure you have permission to see the port (On linux, you usually have to be a member of “dialout”)
  • If your board is a Generation II board – please ensure that gen-2 is selected under Tools => board => Intel Galileo Gen2


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